Monday, October 10, 2016

One stitch forward, two steps back.

Today has been a pretty bleh Monday. It was always going to be a bad day. I woke up last Friday with a pulled muscle in my neck which seems to refuse to get better or respond to painkillers so I haven't had a good nights sleep all weekend. Never a good start to the week. On top of that my knitting has hit a slump too.

The first clue for the Stephen West MKAL came out on Friday which I was very excited about plus I got some extra knitting time so I cast that on and loved knitting the first section. However when I started on the second section the M1 stitches started to be an even more noticeable problem. I'd tried doing them the way Stephen suggested and for future reference that doesn't work with my tension. They were creating a ladder even though I pulled the yarn super tight and so I stopped knitting on it. I then let it sit there Saturday and Sunday to see if I could live with it and in the end I just decided I couldn't. 

I can live with mistakes if I don't think it's too noticeable but I knew I could do it better. I also decided to check my gauge and found that although the swatch I did was spot on now I was knitting the pattern I seemed to be two stitches off gauge. Annoying. The fabric as it is looks fine but given that I have other niggles with it I'm just going to start over. The problem with THAT is I don't have smaller needles to try. I'd already been thinking about treating myself to a set of interchangeable needles so I just bit the bullet and ordered some. I'm hoping they will come tomorrow as I'm itching to restart.

As that project had to go on hold until the new needles arrive I got my Tea with Jam and Bread Jumper out. I did a few more rows but then realised when I was knitting it last time I must have forgotten to change colours. Urgh. The instructions saying when to change were at the top of the page and by the time I had knitted down to the change point I had totally forgotten. I'm well past it now and after thinking on it over night I can't face pulling loads back just to change colour. So I now need to rethink it. I was planning on using the same sort of colour stripes as the pattern but now I'll need to do something else instead, I just don't know what yet. One stitch forward, two steps back. At least my socks are coming along OK.

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