Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I seem to be having a productive day today. I've finished painting the back door this morning, done a load of washing, made a batch of tomato sauce, and now I'm fitting in a blog post. Wow. I'll probably need to go and have a nap in a minute.

So I've discovered more than three knitting projects on the go is too many for me. The BlasterKAL has now started which means I have four on the needles and I just can't spread my time between them all. I don't know how other people manage. In order to make life easier I've decided my Tea with Jam and Bread Jumper is going on hold until I get the Blaster Cardigan finished, so I haven't done much more on it since I last showed it.

It's actually a bit more mustard coloured than this picture.

My big project at the moment is my Blaster Cardigan which is actually growing quite quickly so it may be weeks not months to complete it. I'm just on the upper front sections. It's all very new to me so I'm sort of holding my breath every time I do a new section but I'm learning so many techniques it's a very fun knit. The yarn is turning into a nice fabric but it is quite splitty and so far I've started two balls both of which have had joins after about a row of knitting which was annoying. I've learnt to pull lots out of the ball before I start a row to check for knots.

I'm also still knitting the blue and orange Emily's Favorite Socks. I've just finished the first one and I think I'll put them on hold until I finish off the first Super Secret Christmas project I have on my needles. There's something coming up next month I really want to cast on as well *cough*westknitsmkal*cough* so I want/need to finish some things before then so I can give it the attention it will need. I'm just impatiently waiting for some yarn I ordered to arrive so I can play around with swatches.

My Ravelry queue has seems to have also grown massively this week despite me casting on more things. You'd think it would go down right? I keep seeing cool stuff I'd like to make for other people and I'm itching to MAKE ALL THE THINGS for myself. I guess I'll eventually run out of steam so I should just make the most of the enthusiasm while it's here!

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