Wednesday, September 07, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello! Right I have a cup of tea and The Kid is watching Mr Tumble so time for a round-up. I think I still have the same projects going this week. I have got further with them but nothing's finished. However I've also been dreaming about other lovely things I'd like to make and the list is now getting quite long so I really need to put some time into getting things finished (or learn to knit faster).

My blue Emily's Favorite Socks have grown and I'm now on the gusset. It's the first time I've tried using more than one colour and it's not the neatest sock but I like them anyway. Plus the pattern is really well written. I will totally make these again although I have discovered I find knitting plain socks REALLY boring. It's a bit of a chore to pick them up and work on them but it's good practice at how to add in colour which I've never done before. Oh and the Summer Socks KAL ends on the 15th so I'm not sure these will be finished before then as I'm only on the first one. Realistically I think it's just not going to happen. Getting this finished and another knit in a week is pushing it which is a shame as it would have been good to get it done before then.

However because I'm not enjoying knitting them much I'm itching to cast on some more socks. I bought this Superba Circus yarn at the weekend and I've found a great pattern I want to try so I think I might just do it as well. CAST ON ALL THE THINGS! This will probably be a Christmas present though (yes I'm already thinking I need to get making as I'm so slow) so it can officially be Secret Project One.

My Tea with Jam and Bread Jumper has been re-started after messing up the short rows. I found a tutorial with a different way of doing them which I found much easier to follow. It's still not perfect as some of the tension is a bit wonky and I've stupidly jogged one of the shoulder increase seams along a stitch right near the neck but I decided it doesn't bother me enough pull it back to change it. I have the right number of stitches and that's good enough for me.

I still haven't finished my shirt I started repairing last week either which I really should have. I've got a bit of RSI in my hand from knitting socks at the minute so instead of knitting I picked up the shirt last night and managed to get the bottom hem finished as neatly as I can with the tiny amount of spare fabric I had. I just need to fix a botched repair job on the back someone has done and I'm going to change the buttons for something else although I haven't decided what yet.

That's pretty much it for now. I've been doing a bit of upcycling of furniture, planning and organising but I think I'll save that for another post. Happy making!

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