Monday, September 19, 2016

Stick 'em with the pointy end.

One draw back of not knitting more advanced items before is I have none of the needles I need to make anything. Over this summer I've spent a fortune on knitting needles and my collection has tripled. All I had really knitted previously were scarves so I had very few needles useful for the things I now want to make.

I had discovered my favourite needles after a bit of trial and error were metal circulars. The wood and bamboo I tried were a bit too grippy of the yarn and didn't feel nice in my hands. My needles of choice previously were KnitPro Nova. They're lovely to use and the cables are flexible with a smooth join at the needle.  However they are nickel coated and after a bad reaction to nickel in some cheap jewellery last year I decided not to buy needles with it. That discounted my previous second choice of Addi needles so I had a look around at reviews for suggestions.

I've tried KnitPro Zing which are quite pocket friendly and I'm using them to make my jumper but I probably wouldn't buy more. The feel in my hands is ok but the deal breaker is the cable join which isn't all that smooth and often catches on my tight knitting. My new favourite is Hiya Hiya. They're not the easiest to get in the UK and a bit more than I'd spend in an ideal world but I'm trying to get over that by thinking of them as an investment. They're available in sharps but as I know my knitting style by now I know this would just end in sore fingers so I got the normal tips which are still suitably pointed. They're lovely and smooth so stitches glide over the needles and the cable is flexible enough to keep it out of my way, easy enough to use magic loop and the join is smooth. Plus they are stainless steel so no potential allergy issues and it makes them nice and light. I know interchangeable ones would have been an option and in an ideal world I would have just bought a set but they're too much to spend all at once so I'll just keep adding to my collection a bit at a time as I need them. Of course now that raises the new issue of needing storage for them all...

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