Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My knitting addiction and the Blaster KAL

I have become a knitting addict. I don't know how but since deciding I need to learn to do more challenging things and actually make garments I now can't stop myself. Part of this I know is because my wardrobe is particularly bare and I really want to have some warm clothes for winter. It's a bit of a long story so feel free to skip ahead but I've not felt properly well for quite a long time and after having my son it got worse. On top of this instead of losing the small amount of weight I gained during pregnancy I started piling on more. Weird I thought but I just got on with things as you do. It wasn't until my son's impending third birthday when I felt so utterly awful ALL the time that I decided I had to find out what it was. 

Anyway.. skip to the end... turns out I'm Gluten and Dairy intolerant. I decided to try cutting back on them to see if it helped and as soon as I did I started to feel better. Six months later I've pretty much cut them out and I've also been dropping a ton of weight over spring and summer until I think I'm about pre-pregnancy weight again. The end result of this long and winding tale is I literally have nothing to wear. The clothes I do have don't really fit, most have been given to the charity shop as they were literally falling off me. I am looking at only owning a solitary jumper that my mum knit me just about the time I got pregnant which I can now fit back into.

I already have a jumper on the needles but I've also decided I need a lighter cardigan for autumn so I'm going to cast on the new Blaster pattern by Andi Satterlund as it's a perfect little cardi and she's having a knit along so there will be other people to ask for advice if I get stuck. I'm doing it in this cotton/merino mix yarn from Drops which is also new to me so I don't know what it'll be like but I've picked a lovely yellow colour. I'm having a bit of a yellow thing at the minute. 

I have had to buy yet another pair of needles though as when I swatched the yarn I actually need a smaller pair than I expected. I usually have to go up a size but this time it seems the 3.75mm might be about right so I can't get any further until they arrive. Fingers crossed they will be right. If anyone else wants to join in the knit along there is a group already set up on Ravelry for Andi Satterlund fans called Untangling Knots and there is a thread already running for talking about it, It's running from the 15th September until November 1st so hopefully it'll be enough time for even me to finish it. Watch this space.
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