Friday, September 30, 2016

All the pretty..

I need a yarn diet. Since deciding to learn to knit my own clothes I have jumped in the deep end and bought a ton of yarn this month. It makes me guilty. The thing is most of it really is to make gifts for other people or clothes for myself so I've not been randomly buying things I love (although the temptation is very real). Everything has a destiny and a lot needs to be done before Christmas or Birthdays so I know it won't sit around wallowing in stash. But look at the pretty things!

Araucania is one of the few yarns I have used before and I loved it so I snapped two skeins of this up on Ebay from someone destashing. The Fyberspates yarn is new to me but I love it already before I've even knitted with it. It's just my sort of colours with no "fluffiness" so stitch definition should be great. Some combination of these are destined for the Stephen West Mystery KAL. I'm keen to learn new techniques and from looking through his other patterns it seems like there will be a lot of that plus the idea of knitting something unknown is kinda fun. It starts on the 7th October so not long to wait for the first clue!

The Noro was in my LYS on sale. I don't know if I'll like knitting with it but I love the texture in the ball. I plan on using it to make a scarf or shawl for myself but it's not at the top of the queue. It'll have to wait for some WIP's to be finished. The Royd Moor Yarns I got off the internet so didn't see it in person before buying it. It's quite woolly so I'm not yet sure what it wants to be. When I bought it I was thinking scarf but I'm pretty wool sensitive on my neck so it's not going to work for that. I'll keep it until another idea occurs to me, It's lovely colours.

Last but not least I splurged on some fabulous Wool Kitchen yarns. The hand dyed colours are so amazing I could just buy them all but I bought "Ziggy" which is destined to be knitted into something for Christmas and "Ground Control" I intend to keep for myself. I'm thinking it might make an amazing winter hat. Speaking of winter hats I'm going to start a cute little hat for The Kid. I'm planning on making a Clayoquot Toque for him as learning stranded knitting is one of my knitting goals and I thought this should be an easy-ish way to start. Plus he really needs some winter hats!

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