Saturday, September 03, 2016

A good week.

Urgh what a miserable day. It has done nothing but rain since I got up and I'm supposed to be going to a thing outdoors this afternoon only all I really want to do is sit in the cosy warm and knit. *sigh*

Anyway.. it's been a good week. It's been short because of the Bank Holiday, the weather has been largely good and I've been feeling well. I've become slightly obsessed with vlogs this week. It started with Sockmatician. I'd seen some of his beautiful knitting on Instagram and ended up following links to his You Tube channel. Then he mentioned Inside Number 23 and so I found and watched that and I love her channel. Sewing, knitting AND random geekness so that one was a keeper. Then last night I stayed up watching Dairyland Knits who is adorable. So if anyone else has any good suggestions I might like let me know.

As well as that I've splurged on yarn. I ordered some more for the jumper I've just started so I now have enough to crack on with that (and I got smaller needles which I needed). I also may have ordered some amazing yarn from The Wool Kitchen last night. It is beautiful hand dyed sock yarn which I justified as necessary as I'm going to use it to make Christmas presents. All in all a good week. I now need to go wade through puddles in a muddy field. Fun..
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