Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Socks Knit Along Part 1

It has been over a year since I last visited my blog. I just wasn't feeling like spending the time writing posts and have just been documenting on instagram. Today however I have had a rare day doing what I pleased so I have watched podcasts I missed, finished knitting some socks, and have started repairing a shirt that needs a fair bit of sewing and maybe new buttons. I've got a fair few things on the go at the minute and it makes me want to document my progress. This year two of my big goals have been to learn to sew and knit my own clothes so I can have a me made wardrobe. Probably with a few charity shop finds thrown in. I really want to be more conscientious about my clothing choices but I don't have the budget to buy more responsibly produced items so the alternative is to make them!

This summer has largely been about improving my knitting skills to make more than scarves. I decided to start with socks. I was desperate for new ones but the choices and quality of the shop bought ones really disappointed me. I even took back some I had bought from my usual sock shop of choice Marks and Spencers as they were such poor quality they were falling apart on the first wear. So socks made it onto the list first and I've now made a grand total of four pairs. I'm not going to lie it was a steep learning curve and I've got pretty good at pulling back knitting but I'm still very happy with my results.

The first pattern I tackled was Hermione's Everyday Socks and it turns out to be a good choice as it has been the best written pattern I have tried so far. I've made two pairs. one in grey Drops Fabel yarn and the other using pink self-striping Scheepjes Invicta Everest yarn. The grey pair are my favourites as the fit is spot on so I will certainly make more of these. The pink pair I made too long in the foot so I have since gifted them to my mother.

Seeing as I was planning on knitting socks this summer I joined in the Summer Socks KAL on Ravelry. It has been a great way of seeing new patterns I might like. My third pair were a pattern called By the Seine River in West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply in a fab yellow colour. I loved the yarn and used it again in orange for the last pair I made which started off as the Bickersstraat pattern but got modified. Neither pattern was perfect for me and I swear the orange pair I finished today were cursed as I had to pull various parts back a stupid amount of times but the finished socks look nice.

My next pair are going to be for my OH and are going to be fairly vanilla socks in a bright blue. Onto the next ones!
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