Sunday, July 12, 2015

More Documenting...

Hello there, it's been a while. I'm going through a bit of a crafty re-think at the minute. After a few weeks off The Documented Life Project I've made the decision to stop doing it. Whilst I like it, it's just not achieving what I want to achieve. It is giving great art prompts for experimentation but I don't feel like I'm documenting my life which is what I wanted. I've decided I want to incorporate more writing and to try and do a little each day. I was just never getting around to doing my DLP art journal. I don't have room for a dedicated art space so by the time I had everything out I wanted to use I didn't have much time left for creating. I do have a couple of pages done I haven't yet shared so I might yet get around to putting them up.

I'm not sure yet what the solution to this is. I have a few idea's though. I've been quite inspired by pepperandtwine on instagram after stumbling across her whilst surfing pinterest looking at Hobonichi planners. I know! Isn't the internet random but great? Anyway, I love her work. It's a great way of documenting, and would be fun to look back over. Especially when the Kid is older.

Unfortunately it's not practical to start in a Hobonichi as much as I would if I could. It's halfway through the year for one, and for another I can't get the larger size over here, I'd have to pay to import one and get stung for import duty and taxes. Expensive. I might consider getting the smaller size at a later date but it's not really the size I'd like. I think I'll take a wander around the stationery shops and see what I could use as a substitute. If I love doing it I might splash out on a Hobonichi Cousin next year.

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