Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Give it a go" May

I haven't done any fantasy illustrations for quite some time now. It wasn't a deliberate decision at the time but now I wonder if it was a subconscious one. That side of my brain is a dark place to live and maybe I needed to live in the light for a while. My imagination is always exceptionally better at creating images than my hand can illustrate and it can be hard to shut them out. I miss it though. Fantasy and sci-fi art was always my big love, even as a kid.

I've designated May as "give it a go" month. The list so far:
We went Geocaching at the weekend for the first time (it was loads of fun).
Watched a tv show that's not my usual thing but I discovered I love it.
Started reading a book which I wouldn't usually touch with a barge pole (the jury is still out on that one).
Ordered a weekly veg box and started eating healthily for a change (most of the time).

I also want to go back to doing some fantasy artwork. My self-confidence with this is pretty much rock bottom but I want to start anyway. I'm one of those artists who hates everything I ever do, sometimes so much so I never finish pieces. They never look how I see them in my imagination and I see every flaw and mistake the minute I do it. I need to get past that and just get it out on the paper. So that's this months goal. A bit each day, starting now.

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