Monday, May 04, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 15

April Theme: colour safari (exploring inks and paints)
Week 15 Challenge: acrylics
Week 15 Prompt: cry me a river

Flying visit today as it's Bank Holiday here and I'm grabbing a few minutes while the kid naps. I found this page really hard to photograph. It's a beautiful day outside and frankly I'd rather be out there having fun than fiddling with photographing this so sorry about the poor pictures. There's a fair bit of texture and the glossy acrylics are causing reflections. This week was mainly spent in the garden and out at the park as it was lovely weather so that is reflected in my doodles and the mood. Again I ignored the prompt. I try to remain positive in this art journal and I thought that a very negative prompt. Instead I used a happy quote of my own that popped up in my internet wanderings again this week. It comes from the poem below. Have a happy day!

The Magic of Sound

I've heard the soft whisper of wind in the pine trees,
The silvery ripple of brooklets at play;
I've heard the low voice of a sweet singing mother
As she sang to her child at the end of the day.

I've heard the faint rustle of sails in the sunset
And blue waves caressing the wild, rockbound shore;
The whistle of trains as they cross the green prairie
And mountains re-echo the cataract’s roar.

The notes of the organs in ancient cathedrals,
Where hearts of the faithful are lifted in song;
I've heard the gay laughter as children were playing,
The chatter and buzz of a large, happy throng.

The earth has its music for those who will listen;
Its bright variations forever abound.
With all of the wonders that God has bequeathed us,
There's nothing that thrills like the magic of sound.

Holmes, Reginald Vincent (1955). Fireside Fancies. Edwards Brothers, Inc.: Ann Arbor, MI.

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