Saturday, March 07, 2015

Must finish month

This month is going to be all about finishing off and catching up projects I've got on the go. Since having the Kid I find the only time I get to myself to create is weekends and February was a busy month so I've lots to catch up with this month. This is my top four.

My Documented Life Project is no further on. I'm now a month behind. However I am having a bit of a think about this. All of February's prompts were actually a bit samey so I think I need to shake this up a bit. Also there's not really much documenting my life right now in the first few pages I did so I think I want to incorporate more of this myself as the prompts aren't really encouraging me to do that. Hmm needs some more thought yet.

I do a little bit of Project Life too although I've not really blogged about it. I started it after the Kid was born. I know a lot of people do this every week but that's not what I use it for. I use it instead of a traditional photo album. This is therefore always behind and I'm ok with that but I do want to get a few more pages done this month. The photos are piling up on my computer.

The giant granny square blanket is coming along well and I'm pleased with its progress. However I can see the end very nearly in sight as the yarn is going down fast so I just want to do one last push to finish it off ready for spring.

The shirt scraps quilt however hasn't been touched in months. I really should pick this back up and try to get it going again. Maybe straight after the blanket is finished. It's just sat in the cupboard looking abandoned making me feel guilty every time a see it.

There's also some new things I want to get done. So I somehow want to squeeze them in without ignoring the million things I already have started. I am great at beginning, not so great at completing.

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