Monday, March 30, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 11

March Theme: Making your mark (doodles and mark making)
Week 11 Challenge: Borders
Week 11 Prompt: "Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind"

So this is where I'm at with The Documented Life Project 2015. I made some decisions with this. For one, although I have done a little more of the February challenges they are still not finished and I'm not feeling the love enough to do them which is stagnating the whole thing so instead I've LET IT GO. I may go back to finish them if I feel the urge but I'm not pressuring myself to do it any more. Instead I just started a new page and went onto the current week, which at the time was week 11.

I've also chosen to make them more about what was going on that week. This means I don't do the current challenge until the next one is up but I'm ok with that as it's more "documenting my life" that way. So technically I'll always be a week behind but what's new!

As this month is about doodles and mark making I started with my favourite doodling tool - a biro. Very underrated is the good old biro. I often use them, especially for sketching rough ideas that pop into my head as they give a really interesting line quality. Anyway.. it was the Spring Equinox and the solar eclipse this week so that was my inspiration. I was planning on leaving it as biro when I started but then it felt like it needed some colour so I added some pastels and a little gold pen. I wanted to go over some areas with white pen but as usual it wouldn't oblige. I really must find a better white pen. I know loads of people use the Uni-ball Signo but honestly mine NEVER draws over what I want it to, no matter what that might be.

I only loosely used the borders challenge really and I totally ignored the prompt as it just felt, well a bit naff. I could happily go back and do some more to the border but then I'd start to get behind again so instead I'm calling it done and I've begun the next one.

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