Saturday, February 21, 2015

February catch-up

Quick catch-up post. I am now officially way behind with my art journals. We went on holiday, then it was Valentine's Day, then it was The Kid's birthday so I've barely touched them in weeks. I'm hoping now the run of busy-ness is over I can get some catching up done.

I have done some stuff.

Weeks 5 and 6 for my Documented Life Project are underway, just not nearly finished. There's a few layers done but that's about all.

The Kid and I finished one of our anti-journal pages for Valentine's day. This one was "highlighters".

I also did a crochet heart for The Kid and a few extra to leave around the village.

And my huge granny square blanket is coming along. There's not much more yarn to use up so soon it's the boring job of weaving the ends in.

So that's that. I need to crack on with stuff and get it finished.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Four

January Theme: The blank page and how to face it
Week Four Challenge: Writing
Week Four Prompt: Words with friends

I had already done a bit of colour on this page before the prompt came out. Instead of wasting paint etc.. I tend to smear it over another page further on in my sketchbook (after seeing this week's prompt I should use my under paper more, lol) Anyway.. it meant it wasn't white to begin with. I journalled about the prompt both right way up and upside down. I knew I would just be using it as background so I didn't care if it was illegible. Then I began adding new layers.

There's lots of materials used, acrylic, metallic poster paint, ink, biro, gesso, stitching, tea - yes tea. It makes a great colour. 

That's about it really apart from I have an awesome new cabinet to keep all my art materials in which makes me very happy so I thought I'd share a little happy dance. It's amazing the supplies you forget you had.