Friday, January 16, 2015

Giant Granny Square Blanket

I've put my documented life journal on hold as I'm waiting for some gesso to arrive. I'm not going to stress about getting pages finished before the next prompt comes out as that would take some of the fun out of it and there's no deadline other than what I impose upon myself.

So in the meantime I've got itchy fingers. The weather has been terrible the last few days which always makes me think about knitting or crochet projects. In my hoard of things I can't part with in case I want to use them, I have had a box of odd balls of yarn for what seems like forever. I've pulled out all the dk ones and I'm going to make a giant granny square blanket. I'm randomly choosing the colours as I go. If I like it I will use it on the spare bed if I don't it will be a lawn blanket. I've already gone from liking to hating and back to liking so we'll see. Some of the balls are not ones I've picked but ones I've been given, so they're not what I would normally choose to put together. If I don't use it up though it will sit there another million years and I really want to make room for new things. I happened to see a Mollie Makes offer on Facebook and impulse bought some fat quarters with my Christmas money so they need to go somewhere for a start!

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