Friday, January 23, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Two

January Theme: The blank page and how to face it
Week Two Challenge: Gesso
Week Two Prompt: "The beginning is always today" Mary Shelley

I'm calling this page done. The prompt quote appealed to me this week so I included it. I won't use it every week on the page, just as a starting point. I don't really have lots to say about what I did as I've never been a fan of talking about my artwork. It's usually pretty personal to me and trying to explain why I did this or that is difficult. Often because half the time I just did what felt or looked right. Trying to explain it is pretty much impossible. I do like to share though, as much as to keep a record for myself if nothing else. You know what it's like. You finish a piece or a journal and put it away and before you know it you've got boxes full of stuff that never gets looked at. At least by sharing I can look back over what I was up to.

I've been working on week two and three together so I'm almost finished with the next one and then I'll be all caught up - hurray! We'll see how long it lasts. I also have a new little project I want to try and get the kid to join in with me. I saw these anti-journals were on sale so got one for me and him to do together.

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