Thursday, May 08, 2014

Project Life Cards

I've recently started a Project Life album. I have soooo many pictures of the kid on my computer which I can just see are never going to get put up, that I thought this would be a great way of having them to show him when he's older. You can pretty much use Project Life however you want, I did try to keep the pages quick and simple but it appears I'm not capable of leaving things at simple.. it just doesn't look finished. So I'm spending way longer on pages than I intended originally. I'm glad I don't try to do this for every week like some people do or I'd be months behind! I intend to post some pictures of the pages as I do them as a sort of back-up and reminder like I try to with my other art work but I haven't got round to taking photo's yet. It's on my to-do list, honest.

Anyway. I'm really loving it so far. So much so I fancy starting a second album for all my old photo's I have boxed away, but that's for another day. The only downside so far is there's loads of cool stuff you can get for it, none of which I can afford. I've just invested in a small pack of the pocket pages and an album so far. I've been making my own insert cards which has been fine, but I've found myself doodling on the plain ones I've cut out whilst watching TV in the evenings. They're just a good size, a bit like a trading card.

These are the two I've done this week. One was inspired by this week's Illustration Friday's topic, Revenge.

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