Friday, January 31, 2014

Ercol Rescue!

I actually do not believe my good luck. I bundled the baby up and went for a walk yesterday in the freezing weather. Got to the end of the alley that runs down the back of the terrace houses where we live, and just sat there looking lost and lonely was a chair. Not just any chair but a beautiful Ercol Armchair. Could not believe it. I actually had to do a double take. It was just dumped outside what I was pretty sure is an empty house at the minute. Immediately I hatched a plan to rescue it. Obviously I was not carrying that thing anywhere with a baby in tow, and I wanted to check the house was really empty so I waited patiently until OH got home and sent him out on a mission (he's used to my weird ways).

He went to knock on the door first, at a time when anyone living there should be back from work and had a peer in the un-curtained windows. No-one living there. Result! Chair grabbed and rescued from the bin men and now sat in my kitchen drying out. It's not got a seat cushion but I figure I can make one and I'll just have normal cushions for the back so that you can see the amazing shape. It's in excellent condition still with all the mud cleaned off. It can't have been used much or sat out in the rain too long. It did still have the padded armrest pieces attached but I've removed them too (they pop off easily as they're just attached with big press-studs). The joy of it is the clean lines and beautiful construction, not the hideous, dated floral fabric. I'm so happy I could do a little happy dance. It even matches the lovely dining table and chairs I have that a special friend gave me. The wood is slightly darker and needs a bit of a touch up but they'll look great together.

(I did try to take a good photo but we have the wettest, gloomiest day ever today so that's not happening.)
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