Sunday, September 07, 2014

A very quick catch-up

So I realise my blog is getting abandoned at the minute. There's just not enough free time. It's a choice between writing about what I've been creating or actually creating and frankly I prefer the later. I'm managing to keep snapshots pretty well on Instagram so I've got a bit of a record. I do intend to come back to catch up with it all when the boy is less demanding. In the meantime here's some of what I've been up to.


Thursday, May 08, 2014

Project Life Cards

I've recently started a Project Life album. I have soooo many pictures of the kid on my computer which I can just see are never going to get put up, that I thought this would be a great way of having them to show him when he's older. You can pretty much use Project Life however you want, I did try to keep the pages quick and simple but it appears I'm not capable of leaving things at simple.. it just doesn't look finished. So I'm spending way longer on pages than I intended originally. I'm glad I don't try to do this for every week like some people do or I'd be months behind! I intend to post some pictures of the pages as I do them as a sort of back-up and reminder like I try to with my other art work but I haven't got round to taking photo's yet. It's on my to-do list, honest.

Anyway. I'm really loving it so far. So much so I fancy starting a second album for all my old photo's I have boxed away, but that's for another day. The only downside so far is there's loads of cool stuff you can get for it, none of which I can afford. I've just invested in a small pack of the pocket pages and an album so far. I've been making my own insert cards which has been fine, but I've found myself doodling on the plain ones I've cut out whilst watching TV in the evenings. They're just a good size, a bit like a trading card.

These are the two I've done this week. One was inspired by this week's Illustration Friday's topic, Revenge.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

E's Valentine's Heart

I had an idea to make a little fabric heart for the kiddo for Valentine's Day to hang in his room. Around the time I was planning what to use out of my stash to make it I saw these adorable tiny felt heart charms over at The Purl Bee.

So cute, and I loved the idea of putting a little pocket on the front to hide messages. I already had some lovely hand dyed felt sitting in a box upstairs so I thought making something similar would be a simple matter. I made my heart bigger as the plan in my head was to make him a new heart each year to hang in his room (at least until he's too old for it to be cool any more) so that he'll end up with a little collection. I also added a couple of buttons for decoration as he has a button obsession at the minute and can resist playing with them.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and he loves playing with it. Success!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

De-cluttering and the joys of Pinterest

I confess. I'm a massive image hoarder. I literally keep clippings, postcards, pretty much anything really that I like or find inspiring. Of course most of it then ends up sat in a massive box and I rarely look at it again.

Today I'm determined to sort through. Pinterest has been my biggest friend. I'm so glad someone invented it. It has stopped me having to bookmark or download all the amazing things I find on the internet and lets me organise things so I can actually find them again. I figure it can help with the hoard too. A lot of the pictures I should be able to photograph and upload, then bin the paper copy. Much more space saving and I actually get to look at them occasionally.

The other images I want to buy some frames for, which I can rotate the pictures in and out of as and when I feel like a change. That way I get to see and be inspired by them too. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2013

I'm a bit under the weather this week. Clearly it's my turn for the lurgy, so the past few days have been spent with a hot water bottle on the sofa mooching around pinterest, planning which projects I will tackle next, having a look what veggies I want to try planting this year, and doing a bit of the never ending tapestry I have on the go.

I thought I'd get one of my catch up posts done. There were a few things I made as Christmas presents I wanted to make a note of before I forget. I love making things as gifts and always have great plans for doing lots but Christmas always seems to creep up on me so fast. This year I promise myself I will start earlier (which I probably won't).

I did a small framed watercolour for my cousin's little boy who was born just before my noise monster. There were some bead bracelets for the other two girls, and a crochet lap quilt complete with pom pom's for my mum. I would have liked to have got more done. I had planned to make some decorations and some Christmas cards (although in the end we decided to donate the Christmas card money to Shelter instead of sending any), but it wasn't to be. I've still got a blanket to sew up which was going to be for Christmas but is now a Birthday present. This year I really must start in about June!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a good holiday season. I've had a lovely Christmas with my baby and fella, although we all seem to have come down with various ailments since, so all I've done for the last few days is veg about (not totally a bad thing).

I've got lots I want to blog about this month. There's been a few projects I've finished and haven't yet posted about. I need to do so before I forget!

Today however will be spent taking down the decorations. I love to start the year with a bit of a clean and rearrange. It drives my OH nuts that I'm constantly moving things around but I like a change of scenery. It's time to put up some different pictures and some new inspiration. My only regret is the room always seems bare after the glitz and twinkle of the Christmas decorations.