Friday, September 06, 2013

Lists lists lists..

There's been a definite chill in the air for more than a few mornings recently and the nights are steadily creeping in. I feel the autumn coming. I've been having a mad panic about getting some of the larger projects done before the weather changes as I've no room to do them inside. Oh for a garage workshop.

I really must paint the patio furniture before winter. I'd barely got started on it last summer when I got pregnant and didn't want to be messing with stinky paint. I really don't think they'll last another winter without the rot setting in. They've needed doing since they were passed onto us a few years ago. They are such a solid, useful set I don't want them to fall apart. But with two chairs, a bench and a large table to do it's going to take a few days to do the two or three coats they'll need.

I'm still working on the dining table for my mum. The painting is all done but it needs distressing and varnishing. Also the chairs need something doing with them but I haven't quite decided what. Plus I loved the green colour of the table so much I decided to use the left over paint to do my Ikea stool which I've also been meaning to do something with for over a year. That still needs another coat and some varnish but at least it's a smaller size. It might actually get done before Christmas.

All the other things will just have to get bumped to next year. I doubt there will be enough good weather left this year to get them done. As it is it's done nothing but rain today. It was such a beautiful day yesterday too.
Have a happy weekend creating and make the most of the last days of summer!
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