Thursday, August 01, 2013

The August Break

Whilst reading Louise Gale's blog this morning I stumbled across something she's taking part in called The August Break 2013 over on Susannah Conway's blog. It sounded like a fun idea so I signed up. There's not really any rules but I like a challenge so I set myself some. 

The idea is to take a photo each day in August and upload it to the group on flickr (or instagram) There's already loads up and it was great to see everyone's first pictures. There's a list of subjects for each day which you don't have to follow but I think it's more interesting to see everyone's take on the same topic so I'm going to stick to the list. I'm also just going to use my phone to take the pictures and not stage anything, just take what I see then mess with it in the photo app I happened to have just downloaded last night and love already.

I know I won't get chance to post my photo here everyday but I might manage a weekly round up, and it'll be over on the flickr page too. Let's see how many join up and what gets snapped!

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