Monday, July 01, 2013

Stashbusting :: Bandana Bibs

Well it has been quite some time since I last posted. I'm slowly managing to reclaim some art and crafts time from the never-ending stream of baby related chores. Having moved to a much smaller house at the end of last year and having to now cram in a wealth of baby "stuff" I promised myself this year I would pare down "The Stash". This is all the half finished projects, images I've kept for doing "something" with, fabric or yarn I couldn't resist but have no plan for... you get the idea. So with this in mind I've dug out some of the projects I can easily pick up and put down as baby naps allow.

Predictably the first project was some bibs for King Drool. I found a cute and simple tutorial over at The Purl Bee for some bandana bibs which I thought might suit my none-to-expert sewing skills. Then there was fabric. I started looking for some to buy... and then remembered I wasn't allowed, so instead dug out the boxes I had in The Stash. Now being something of a hoarder I never throw away my OHs old work shirts which he inevitably wears through at the elbows (clearly too much leaning and not enough working going on there) so I figured they would be a good choice and sliced them up. I managed to make four little bibs in the end and they do look rather cute if I say so myself! I really did try to get him to model one but he was more interested in eating it so I gave up.

The next project I've almost finished is a crochet lap blanket, but.. it's a Christmas pressie. So I will skip posting about that until a later date so as not to spoil the surprise.
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