Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn Life Changes

Well I've been away for a while, lots of big changes going on at the minute. We're moving house at the weekend so I've been packing and sorting for the last few weeks. Most of it is now done but I'm getting very fed up of living with all the boxes and can't wait to move and unpack. My other big change is I'm expecting my first baby. My little boy is due in March so it's all going to be new and exciting.

In the moving house limbo time I have been planning lots of crafty projects in my head and in lieu of a house I have become addicted to pinterest and looking for housey ideas. Today I've been looking for new hand dyed yarns and crafty items on Etsy and found some fantastic ones. These are three of my faves. Click the link to see all the autumn loveliness.

Hand Dyed Superwash MerinoHand Dyed Ribbon Meadowlark curly black edge 5 YardsZEN ... Silky Fingering, hand dyed yarn
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