Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dryad Sketch

Today I have been mostly painting furniture. I have a set of drawers and a small table I'm in the middle of revamping. But that's another story..

Last night however I finished off the second sketch I'd been working on. As usual I'm not content with it but in an effort to be less critical on myself I've finished it and am posting it anyway. I didn't start off with any ideas. I literally drew an eye and worked out from there. It's just done in pencil. I think she kind of turned out Dryad like. She's not supposed to be human, hence the supernatural thinness. Real people are not that shape.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Great Tangled Mess!

Much like Barbara Good, I think best in the garden. That's not to say I wander around it in my wellies in the middle of the night but I find it a peaceful and focusing place to be. The weather for the last week has been glorious so obviously I've been pottering around the garden - thinking (amongst other things). Perhaps a little late, I've come to the conclusion my head is a jumbled mess, and this actually hinders me doing anything creative. I have so many ideas I can't actually sit down and get one done (can it be I have too much imagination??). On top of that I lack any real confidence in my artwork so anything I do start often gets junked straight away as it isn't going how I want it.

So I've come up with a new plan. Each day I've just been sitting down with a pencil and paper and drawing whatever spills out of my head. Not planning it, just letting the pencil go where it wants. Now I'm not expecting most of it to be any good, but I'm actually really enjoying just making something appear on the page. Maybe I'll make a couple of good ideas pop out from the tangled mess of brain I have. If so then that's a bonus. If not then nevermind, maybe it will all help my head be less of a confusing mess, and I'm usually content as long as I have some sort of creative outlet. I sometimes think trying to be an artist is like hunting a Snark.

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