Sunday, August 01, 2010

Festival of Quilts and consuming less!

Tickets for the Festival of Quilts all booked! I love going as there's always lots of exciting inspiration like this lovely quilt from a previous year, plus I get to spend some time with my mum. which doesn't happen enough. I also get to spend time mooching around the vast amount of lovely things to buy but I'm determined not to go mad this year.

I've just finished reading "Not buying it" which was an interesting read although I question some of the writers ideas of "essentials". Three cars for example is not my idea of a necessary item but I guess that's the American culture for you. Anyway it has made me realise that when I'm complaining about not having enough space in our house I'm being stupid. Our house is more than big enough for two people (in fact I think we're lucky to have so much room) just not big enough for all our "stuff". I must make an effort to hoard less and use up more instead of stockpiling things I don't really need.
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